A light dusting of late snow meets the golden eye of the sun over a chasm nearly a mile deep slicing through a desert landscape. At long last, spring has arrived. So we think it's the perfect time to explore Grand Canyon National Park while enjoying cool, clear air and a special stillness that's missing during the summer tourist season.

The central landing spot for most south rim visitors is Grand Canyon Village. Whether you're a first-timer or a canyon veteran, a stop by the Canyon View Visitor Center can help you plan your time in the park. A short walk brings visitors to Mather Point, a popular place for a first glimpse into the canyon.

Following Rim Trail to the west, you'll arrive at Yavapai Point and Observation Station. Inside this cliff-side observatory you'll learn all about the geology of the park while enjoying a bird's-eye view of Bright Angel Trail as it winds into the canyon.

Starting at Grand Canyon Village, Hermit Road leads visitors along the western end of the national park all the way to Hermits Rest. This waystation was designed by famed canyon architect Mary Colter to appear like an old mountain man's abode.

Along the way, visitors get different views of the canyon from overlooks like Hopi Point, Maricopa Point and Powell Point.

Desert View Drive provides access to the eastern portion of the national park, which also has its share of stunning viewpoints. After passing Navajo Point, the drive leads directly to the Desert View Area. Here, a 70-foot watchtower stands guard over the eastern portion of the canyon. Inside, the tower is decorated with Hopi symbols.

On the way back to the village, be sure you take some time to explore Tusayan Ruin, an abandoned dwelling of the ancestral Puebloans. An adjacent museum exhibits artifacts that provide a glimpse into what life on the rim was like centuries ago.

With its astonishing size, rugged beauty and fascinating geology, the Grand Canyon is truly one of the wonders of the natural world. Until you can walk along the south rim for yourself, enjoy the canyon with this desktop getaway.