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The process of creating a Web site can seem daunting for those new to it. We understand the difficulty of determining and articulating what you would like to accomplish with your new Web site, so we explain the process and provide guidance throughout. We divide new site creation into five stages:

Discovery - There are many critical questions the answers to which inform design: Who is your audience? What is your identity? In what direction is your business moving? This first stage of the creative process is largely a conversation. We take time to learn about your business, your business goals and the key messages you need your audience to understand.

Conceptualization - Once we've learned about your business, our creative team goes to work designing a mockup of how your Web site will look. The mockup fosters a dialogue that leads to a refinement of the design until you are completely satisfied with the layout and appearance.

Development - Once the design has been fine-tuned, our team goes to work converting the mockup into a working Web site. As we build the site, we guide you in developing content for each page.

Deployment - Once the site has been developed, Enrich Media combs through the Web site to test interactivity and to proof the content. Once we confirm the site as ready for the public, we publish your site and make it live to the world.

Maintenance - While publishing your new site is the pinnacle of this process, it isn't the end. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients even after a site has been published. A Web site is a living document, and we work closely with our clients to keep their Web sites fresh.
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